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What’s going on in the world of McDonald’s?

Have you signed up to our Big Red Shoes magazine yet? What are you waiting for?

Big Red Shoes is an exciting quarterly magazine issued by McDonald’s that allows your child to enter the colourful world of Ronald McDonald through a series of quirky features, activities, games as well as many competitions!

Not convinced yet? Membership is entirely free and all of our members receive a copy of our magazine before it is uploaded online, which means that they are the first to find out our latest news and upcoming events. They are also entitled to special discounts for their next birthday party! Additionally, all registered members will receive an invitation to attend our magazine launch parties allowing all of our little subscribers to interact with one another as well as receive an exclusive gift and a copy of our newest issue!

You can download our latest issue from below, to find out what we have been up to! Membership is free and valid for children between the ages of 5 and 12.

Issue 15 - Download

Issue 16 - Download

Issue 17 - Download

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Issue 19 - Download

Issue 20 - Download

Issue 21 - Download

Issue 22 - Download

Issue 23 - Download

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