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Happy Birthday to you!

Birthday celebrations should be magical, hassle free and filled with great memories. Celebrate your child’s birthday with us and we’ll make sure your experience is exactly that!

Choose between four exciting themes and prepare for two hours of adventure! Themes include The Wild, Space Invention Lab, Fairytale Kingdom and Port of Quests!

Your child’s party will take place in a specifically reserved area within the McDonald’s™ restaurant of your choice, with a minimum booking of ten guests.

The price of the party is €6.65 per child including a Happy Meal™, the Birthday Child is free. A non-refundable deposit of €15.00 per party is required when placing the booking.

As a token of our appreciation, the birthday child will be given a Birthday card from us and a loyalty card which entitles them to 6 free Happy Meals™!

McDonald’s™ birthday parties are recommended for children between the ages of 4 and 10!


What does the party include?

  • - Themed invitations to send out to your guests


  • - Party plates and napkins


  • - Themed party bags, badges, stickers, and activity sheets


  • - Various themed party games suitable for children between the ages of 4 and 10



WHAT's on the kid's menu?

Children at the party will be provided with a Happy Meal™, which includes a choice of:

  • - A regular drink

  • - Regular portion of fries or veggies

  • - A main (a choice of McNuggets™, Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Fish Fingers or other promotional Happy Meal™ food)

  • - Happy Meal™ Toy

  • - In addition, there is an option to order a small delicious Cake for €10.00 or a yummy Chocolate Dome by McCafe™ for €25

* Please note that no external food or drinks will be allowed at the party.



WHAT are your themed parties like?

All parties last 2 hours and follow the same pattern. Parties start with animators welcoming the children and setting the party mood by giving them the themed material of your choice (choices include The Wild, Space Invention, Fairytale Kingdom and Port Quests).

Warm up games will be played followed by the food being served to all children. After all children tuck into their delicious McDonald’s™ meal, they can then participate in different themed games which will be organised by the party hostesses.

Finally, the McDonald’s™ birthday cake will be cut and all the children will put on a final Music performance.

Tell me more about your themes!

McDonald’s™ new Birthday Parties allow kids to enter the amazing world of McHappy™!

Our new Birthday Party programmes bring four mini-worlds to life for kids to explore. The core theme of the programme is ‘Passport to a World of Fun’ and each party guest will receive a special passport that will allow them to access the world that the Birthday Child has selected!

Other party elements include themed décor, games and activities that work towards bringing the specific world to life!  

The Wild

Embark on an exciting adventure deep into the jungle, encounter wild animals and head out on an exploration trip to seek out lost treasures! Talk to jungle creatures and take a nap with the lions…but remember, whatever happens – don’t drop the coconut!

Space Invention

Chat with aliens and count stars in this new outer-space themed party at McDonald’s™! From spacemen, to planets and back to the man on the moon this theme will take your child all the way into space and back!

Fairytale Kingdom

We welcome you to a magical kingdom where unicorns and dragons roam freely and pretty princesses and jostling knights brave their way as they encounter witches, wizards and mystic wolves!

Port of Quests

Land ahoy matey! Pirates and treasures await you at our Port of Quests! Talk to the captain and make friends with new sea creatures, seek out treasure and act like a starfish in this action-packed adventure out at sea!