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›   "Happy Meals are too fattening for kids"

Over 60% of our Happy Meals do not exceed one third of the recommended daily fat allowance for children. Our Happy Meal menu allows you to choose any protein-based main, add cherry tomatoes or French fries, a drink and any dessert. For instance, a Happy Meal consisting of four McNuggets, fries, water and any dessert does not exceed one third of your child daily calorie allowance.

›   "McDonald’s only offers a range of sugary drinks"

We offer a choice of 16 drinks with each of our Happy Meals including sugar-free and no added sugar options. Our sugar-free drinks include Coca-Cola Light and Coca Cola Zero that contain sweeteners, fruit juice or San Benedetto natural mineral water.

›   "A Happy Meal is always the same"

Every Happy Meal allows your child to choose between a selection of chicken, ham, beef and seafood satisfying their need for varied sources of protein. Additionally, your child is able to opt for carrot sticks instead of fries, and choose between a selection of 16 drinks and 3 desserts. The Happy Meal offers your child an astonishing 2640  menu combinations!

›   "Your desserts are too high in sugar content"

Every Happy Meal comes with the dessert options of Bio yoghurt, fresh fruit or stewed apple mix in order to ensure we strike the right nutritional balance with every meal.

›   "Kids today eat at McDonald’s too frequently"

We have estimated that children between the ages of 3 to 8 visit our restaurants on average once every 2 to 3 weeks.