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Ever wondered how our chicken is prepared?


Our chicken products are all prepared using different methods in order to give you a range of options to best suit your fancy. Our chicken McNuggets for instance, are made out of 100% chicken breast meat with a pinch of seasoning. This white meat is first minced, shaped and coated in a specially seasoned batter that ensures that they are crispy on the outside and deliciously tender inside. And just in case you were wondering, we prepare our batter using wheat, corn, yeast and a dusting of spices.

Our McChicken on the other hand is our iconic chicken sandwich made up of a chicken patty, iceberg lettuce and a dollop of mayo in a freshly toasted bun. This patty is made out of 100% chicken breast meat which is then seasoned and coated in a crispy batter.

Just in case you aren’t in the mood for a crunchier alternative, you might like to try our Caesar salads which are available in two variations. Our Grilled Caesar salad includes 100% chicken breast meat chunks which are seasoned and grilled in our kitchen, whereas our Crispy Caesar salad is prepared using a 100% chicken breast patty which is seasoned and coated in a light crispy batter.


Supplier Preparation


We take the origin and of all of our ingredients very seriously here at McDonald’s. In order to ensure that all of our quality standards are respected, we ensure that each step in our preparation process is monitored very closely. Irregular shaped pieces are immediately removed in order to maintain a consistent experience every time you visit one of our restaurants. Products are breaded and pre-fried directly on site before being flash frozen to -18˚C, which incidentally is the same temperature of all of our chicken products before they are cooked in one of our restaurants.


Animal Welfare


All of our chicken is sourced from approved McDonald’s suppliers. These approved suppliers must form part of an extensive and integrated supply chain in order to ensure full control over all aspects of our chicken farming standards, including feeding and animal welfare. All of our suppliers are visited regularly in order to ensure that chickens are able to move freely and have access to food and fresh water. Our chicken feed has been carefully formulated by experienced nutritionists in order to provide a balanced and nutritious diet to all of our chickens. This includes an organic combination of cereals, soybeans, vegetable oil, vitamins and minerals, and has absolutely no trace of antibiotics.

It takes the average chicken 50 days to reach maturity. All of our trusted suppliers carry out regular checks, whereas animal healthcare standards are controlled by the slaughterhouses in accordance with European Health and Safety regulations.