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Our prefered greens

We use iceberg lettuce in all of our sandwiches. Its sweet and delicate flavour does not impose on any of the other ingredients, whereas its crisp freshness is maintained, even once it comes to contact with the hot patty.

For our salads, we use a mix of iceberg, roman and Batavia lettuce, baby spinach leaves and carrots.

Our salads are largely grown in fields and brought to maturity in around 45 days during summer and 110 days during the winter months. All of our plants originate from non-GMO seeds, and once harvested are washed, cut and prepared for distribution without preservatives. Raw vegetables are delivered to our restaurants in sealed packages and are ready to be used. All of our salads are refrigerated between 1 - 4˚C.

Alternatively, our tomatoes are washed and cleaned directly in our kitchens to avoid bruising them during the mechanical cleaning process. Our crew prepares these every day and wear disposable gloves at all time in order to adhere to our hygiene and quality standards. Side salads are available with every McDonald’s meal as a healthier alternative to French fries at no extra cost.