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Good fries come from good potatoes

Our fries are made out of the highest grade potatoes in order to ensure that we serve a fry that’s cooked in 100% vegetable oil and is golden and crispy outside, and warm and fluffy inside. We select only the highest grades of Russet Burbank and Shepody potato varieties in order to ensure that our fries are always as great as you remember them. 

Once potatoes have been selected and washed thoroughly, they are delivered to our facilities and subjected to an additional quality check. Steam pressure at 210°C is used to separate the peel from the flesh and manual trimming and further quality inspections are carried out. Potatoes are then preheated to 40 - 50°C in order to improve cutting efficiency.

Once the potatoes reach the factory, a quality check is immediately carried out. The potatoes are then cleaned using a strong current of water, and their skin is removed using steam. Potatoes are then washed, brushed and manually checked before being cut into chips. Fries are then automatically sorted and the shorter pieces are eliminated. They are then steamed in order to give them their traditional uniform colour and texture. Once dried, fries are cooked in vegetable oil and allowed to cool before they are frozen, packaged and stored.

We regularly obtain samples from all of our farms in order to ensure only the highest grades of quality standards and over 50 quality checks are performed throughout the potatoes journey from a simple vegetable to one of our McDonald’s French fries.

Additionally, McDonald’s ensures that all Health and Safety procedures are respected throughout the various preparation stages including their farm of origin, storage conditions, factory standards, transportation methods and storage facilities in every one of our outlets.