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What does healthy eating mean?

Finding the right balance between the food that we eat, and the energy we use. How can this be done? Well that’s simple really, all you need to do is eat 3 to 4 meals a day including breakfast, lunch, dinner and possibly a snack.

A balanced diet cannot be represented by a single meal, but is a combination of meals consumed throughout the day, or over several days (eg: if you had a heavy late dinner, then it is recommended to opt for a lighter lunch the following day.)

Try to focus on eating slowly, plan at least 20 minutes for every meal

Also, no food is entirely forbidden in a balanced diet! All foods are good for you as long as consumed in moderation.

Eat 3 or 4 of these meals daily to stay in shape!


To enjoy an energy boost first thing in the morning, we recommend:

• A grain product such as bread, crackers or cereal

• A dairy product such as milk or yoghurt

• A fresh fruit or fruit compote

• Optionally, you may choose a beverage such as water, tea or coffee


This is an essential meal in order to maintain energy levels throughout the day. We recommend:

• Eating food from each of the major food groups – carbohydrates, meat/ fish/ eggs, fruits and vegetables and dairy products

• Optionally, you may choose a beverage such as water, tea or coffee


If you had a light lunch, or are planning a light dinner, your body needs an extra energy boost! This small meal should be composed from one or two of the following products:

• A dairy product (milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc.)

• A cereal product (bread, biscuits, etc.)

• A fruit (whole, stewed or pure juice) if this has been absent from previous meals


Once again, we recommend a complete nutritional balance provided from food in various groups.