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What goes on inside a McDonald's kitchen?

All of our people are committed to serve you quality products that are in strict compliance with our hygiene and food safety regulations that meet and most cases exceed local legislation. Food safety is a major priority in our restaurants and various specifications are carried out daily in order to ensure the premium quality of all of our products.


Hand washing

At McDonald’s we take hand washing seriously! Our staff wash their hands at least once every 30 minutes, and that doesn’t even include changes in work stations or breaks. Hands should be washed all the way up to the forearms using the recommended procedure including bactericidal soap.

Oil quality

Our oil comes from a mixture of sunflower and rapeseed oil and is monitored daily by means of specialised equipment. Once a day, the quality of our cooking oil is measured using an electronic testing device which determines whether the oil should be stored or changed. This device is found in all of our restaurants and is checked once a week in order to confirm that it is calibrated correctly. After each use, the tester is cleaned using hot water and is left to air dry on a clean and sanitised surface.

Temperature Control

In order to ensure premium quality of all our products, we need to ensure that a safe temperature is maintained throughout the entire supply chain. This does not only refer to the storage phase, but also transportation and loading into our storage facilities.

Whenever we receive a delivery, we check the temperature of the vehicle and the temperature of the products inside. Frozen and fresh products are strictly monitored and given storage priority. Additionally, we also carry out regular temperature checks of all our products twice daily. We also give importance to the rotation of all of our products. All of our stocks are organised according to the FIFO principle (First In, First Out). This rule is applied to all of our storage facilities including freezers and coolers in the kitchen.

Product labelling is also extremely important here at McDonald’s. All of our products are appropriately labelled directly from our suppliers. In addition, should a product be removed from its original packaging then we re-label them in order to ensure we can trace product’s secondary shelf life.

Permanent Checks

It is part of the Shift Manager’s job responsibility to check that quality standards are being maintained several times a day. For instance, the shelf life of ingredients, temperature of all our equipment such as grills, toasters, freezers and coolers are also checked twice daily. All equipment is sanitised after every use and washed thoroughly every night. Additionally, we carry out a series of food safety audits in all of our restaurants regularly. These are conducted both at an internal level, as well as through a series of independently organised “mystery shopper” visits. These visits include an exhaustive 15-point audit and assess food quality, speed of service, cleanliness and customer relations. Our restaurants serve 24 mystery shoppers every year.

Cooking Equipment Temperature

We make sure that all of our products meet our quality standards by checking the cleanliness and programming of our equipment, as well as the cooking and inner temperature of different types of pasties, on a daily basis. All of our cooking equipment is cleaned and sanitised at least once every four hours.

The temperature of the grill plates is checked every morning, and three control checks are carried out on the bottom plate whereas a separate control check is carried out on the highest plate. After all of the equipment is thoroughly checked, further tests are carried out on meat patties in order to ensure maximum food safety with a minimum safe temperature of 69˚C.

Crew Uniforms

In order to avoid the contamination of food products, all of our crew need to ensure optimal hygiene and to wear a clean uniform at all times.

We make sure that these standards are maintained by asking all of our crew to abide by a set of hygiene guidelines. Wearing long-sleeved shirts is prohibited in the kitchen. Furthermore, anyone working in the kitchen must wear a hair-net or a cap, in which all hair must be completely covered. Anyone preparing salads must wear disposable gloves at all times and change as soon as s/he leaves his/her post, even if only temporarily (eg: to fetch ingredients from a cooler).

In addition, anyone working at the grill station must wear disposable gloves at all times when handling raw meat. Any sort of jewellery (bracelets, rings, watches and earrings) is strictly prohibited in all of our kitchens.