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Together, we strive for a sustainable future

At McDonald’s we recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment for future generations. Our activities are centred around the 4R principle (reduce, reuse, recycle and redesign) aimed at consuming less energy and resources. 



We feel that it is our duty to operate as part of the local community in order to keep Malta tidy. We have bins outside all of our restaurants and encourage our customers to use them. We are also committed to tackle litter-related issues by organising daily litter patrols to ensure our towns are kept tidy. We also collaborate with Local Councils and take part in various Cleaning Days across our Islands. Additionally, all of our packaging carries an anti-littering symbol to actively encourage our customers to dispose of their litter responsibly. 



Our commitment to the environment extends to our network of suppliers too. We work with them in order to further reduce waste, recycle and reuse energy resources and assume responsibility for the whole life cycle of our products – from growing, to production, packaging and waste management.

We also give special attention to animal welfare and only purchase products from suppliers that treat their animals well, and constantly working on improving our supply process in order to eliminate wastage, decrease emissions and save more energy. 



Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer packaging that has been made from recycled paper as we run the risk that it might have been previously contaminated by food. However, we do increasingly try to ensure that we use less paper in our packaging and make use of recycled materials for our drinks carriers, paper bags and paper napkins.  

All product packaging is designed in a specific manner, taking into account hygiene factors, convenience, style and more importantly, effectiveness of paper usage. We also use the minimum amount of plastic possible and have introduced paper bowls for salads as opposed to plastic ones for instance. 

Even though we consume vast quantities of oil, due to the fact that it is changed very often, we play our part in safeguarding the environment by collaborating with “Edible Oil Refinery Co Ltd” who collect this oil and convert it to bio diesel. 

Finally, all of our cardboard waste is separated, collected and sent out for recycling purposes. 



We believe that the best way to reduce our carbon footprint is by producing less waste. In order to ensure that this philosophy is present in all of our restaurants, we have installed monitors in all of our kitchens to minimise to minimise the production in order to avoid waste.



At McDonald’s we aim to:

- Minimise energy consumption in all of our restaurants 

- Minimise the amount of water consumptions in all of our restaurants

- Ensure the wastewater leaving all of our restaurants is of a high quality